At Northern Nevada Coin we purchase silverware, service sets, trays, platters, and all sterling silverware. Whether you have a single piece, collection of spoons, or a full service set we will buy them from you. Most of what is seen is made of sterling silver but there are sets that are made of purity other than .925. Some sets are made of .880, .900, or .950 instead of just the standard .925. and we will purchase them as well. Items that say heavy plate, international silver, quadruple plate, or plated are not silver. Rogers 1847 is not silver. Please note that knives are usually filled and have stainless blades that are not silver. We have formulas for purchasing them that gives a fair value. Many candle sticks and larger items are often weighted. What this means is that the core of the piece is full of a resin or concrete like substance that gives the piece weight. The silver in these items is usually a thin sheet wrapped around the base and therefore the actual silver weight is very low. Once again, we have formulas for determining the value of these items. If you are in question feel free to bring it in and we can assess what you have for you.