At Northern Nevada Coin, we buy and sell diamonds of all shapes and sizes.  The most valuable are stones in sizes of 0.5 carat or higher with GIA  certification. If you are looking to sell a diamond, certified or not, come in and let our experts determine your stone’s value.  Unlike many other buyers we are actively in the market and travel to New York and Los Angeles several times a year to reach the top markets for diamonds. This experience allows us to help you achieve the best price for you when you are selling your stones, especially if you have a diamond that is three carats or larger.

When evaluating your stones we will take into account many different factors to help us determine the value of the stone you have. Cut: what form was the diamond cut into. As this is written the round brilliant cut is still the most popular and valuable. We also look into proportions, symmetry, polishing and facets to help us determine value. Clarity: most of this comes form the way the diamond was formed naturally, but it also includes looking for things like laser drilling, epoxy fillings, and carbon treatments. Color: This is how clear the diamond is. The less color the better and we will look for no only colorless diamonds but also fancy colors. Simplest and most important carat: We will weigh the stones whenever possible and if not gauge them and use sizing charts to establish the size of the stone. If you have a larger diamond we may recommend sending it to GIA for evaluation before purchasing it, but if you want to sell that day it is not required for us to purchase the stone from you. If we recommend sending it to GIA it is because one color shade, grade level or even 100th of a carat could make a monetary difference in your favor on some of the more exquisite stones we see. Come talk to us and let us help you sell your diamond.

Northern Nevada Coin buys other stones like ruby, emerald, and sapphire as well as other extraordinary gem stones.  Many of the precious and semi precious stones do not have as large a market as diamonds, but again we are in the know of where to go to help you realize the maximum for you exceptional quality stones. If in doubt, bring it in or call us to arrange an appointment.  We would like the opportunity to assist you in realizing the most for your stones as well as their settings.