Northern Nevada Coin buys and sells collectible paper money too. Whether you call it a bank note, currency, an old bill, or paper money we are buying. There are many types of currency the list includes: Federal Reserve notes, Federal Reserve Bank notes, U.S. bank notes, silver certificates, gold certificates, national bank notes, national gold bank notes, Treasury notes, Interest bearing notes, demand notes, United States notes, confederate currency, coin notes, fractional currency, colonial notes, continental currency, military payment certificates, and all foreign notes too. Just like coins there are several certification services for paper money and knowing how to value each is important. Our knowledge can help you with anything form the common silver certificate to the ultra rare national bank note. If you have a collection that is of major significance we can assist you in getting your notes graded and marketed to help maximize the return on your collection. You are welcome to bring your old paper bills in and we will purchase them from you.