Northern Nevada Coin is not only the area’s leading buyer of rare coins and bullion but also estates, luxury timepieces like Rolex, diamonds, old gold jewelry, old paper money, old silverware and silver sets, nuggets, and pretty much anything made of precious metal.

We buy and sell Rolex watches as well as most luxury timepieces. Come in and see what your watch is worth today. When it comes to Rolex watches we are looking to purchase anything you might have from vintage to the most current models – working or not. We also take other modest-value to ultra-rare watches as trade-ins. 

Diamonds are another product that we buy and sell frequently. If you are looking to sell your diamonds, please bring them in and we will help you. The most valuable diamonds to us are the larger stones that have been certified and have the paperwork with them, but we can evaluate any of the diamonds you have. We ofter to purchase other extraordinary gem stones as well.

Northern Nevada Coin is well known locally for buying gold jewelry in any condition and style. We have bought millions of dollars worth, not only from the public but other dealers as well. We also buy silver, platinum, and palladium jewelry. If you want to know just how much we will pay you for your precious metal jewelry, bring it in to one of our showrooms today. We have a great reputation for being fair and honest with everyone.

Silverware and silver service sets are another item we have experience purchasing. We will buy the sterling whether it is like new or heavily used. If you have a set of sterling that is just sitting and you want to turn it into cash that you could use for something else come see us. 

Estates are another specialty of ours, whether you are looking for an appraisal, evaluation, or to liquidate, we can help. We have the expertise to give the most current and accurate valuation as well as the avenues to liquidate your estate. When it comes to rare coins and bullion in an estate, we can help you every step of the way. 

Northern Nevada Coin buys and sells collectible paper money too. If you are looking to sell notes or browse through our inventory, stop by one of our convenient locations today.

Gold nuggets, gold dust, and the like are items we purchase as well. We’ve been known to purchase these items from small amounts to larger groups or specimens. We also have a selection of nuggets for sale in various sizes at each of our Northern Nevada showrooms.

If you are in the market to sell nearly anything made from precious metals, we are likely to be your best bet. We actively trade in all forms and have the ability to help you maximize your returns. Come see what we can do for you at Northern Nevada Coin today.